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Sep 08,  · Washington Saltwater Fishing Reports for Albacore, Salmon, Halibut and more. Excellent fishing. We were done by noon with a light crew of new tuna fishermen. Because of all of the fish hitting the dock, if we are not the first charter to bring in . For this report i was fishing on a charter out of westport. We don't get to keep rockfish here in the Puget sound as was invited by my boss to tag along and try the rockfish/salmon combo. In total we.

Search Reset. Page 1 of Area 2 Westport - Ocean Shores. By: kodacachers. I mistakenly thought that opening day on the ocean was something not to miss, but apparently the fish didn't get the date on their calendar. We drug herring around most of the Pacific--from sight of Great day digging razor clams with of my closest friends! Plenary westport wa fishing report room for all and a nice woman showed me what I was doing wrong!!

By: jchennesc. Went surf perch fishing for the very first time with two close friends and had a blast! We fished from 9am till sunset with a few breaks and a lunch run. We moved around a bit but settled on ocean sh By: danyole. First day on the water to target some black rock fish and any type of rockfish.

Ended up losing a rod and only catching some Pile perch. Recorded all of day 1! By: Cokanee. Fishing is still Great out of Westport if you like Coho. Kings are harder to find. Everybody was out at the GH bouy in ' of water. Fish were on top 10'' limits fast. Fishing naked herring. With No Kokanee action in Western Washington. Leaving me no option. Just go back to Westport and catch Salmon.

Fish with naked herring. Another Great day on the ocean. Trolling herring naked worked best. By: Honk. Went out with of Westport on a charter. We started off slow, but ended up with some limits.

I caught one coho to keep, had to release 3 wilds. My dad limited with a nice king and a coho. Others also l By: riverhunter. For this report i was fishing on a charter out of westport. In total we By: Ganno. Fished Westport yesterday morning.

Launched calm bar and ocean SW heading to feet of water when I spotted birds sounder showed bait at 50 feed time to fish. Fished diver rotating flasher an By: Kisutch.

Made it to the ocean for westport wa fishing report for the first time this year, westport wa fishing report. Friday 5 of us clammed at the Roosevelt Beach Access mocrocks and dug 5 limits, Saturday 5 of us clammed at Ocean Shores copalis an By: 4n6fisher.

Unfortunately I came away empty. Seemed to be in good locations with varied surf By: WalkingInLight. A beautiful day! The beach is warm and sunny! The waves is not too rough and the first cast, westport wa fishing report, I landed 1 a 15" Red tail surf perch! Only a few guys fishing by the shore and a few razor clam diggers.

By: TrackerPro Started the morning by heading to Wallmart in Aberdeen to pick up some pyramid sinkers and different bait as they were open at 6 am this morning.

I usually have nothing but tangles when I use more than one hook but braved three on three way swivels with two ozs of flattened bank sinkers on the end to try my hand at surf perch again. I did not g Took my in-law to Westport near the jetty on Friday afternoon for surf perch. I caught 3 good size red tail perch in the first hour with a strip of squid. One fish was washed away by the waves and onl After all of my reading up and video watching I hit the beach by Grayland for winter Westport wa fishing report Perch.

Casting along the beach is one thing, westport wa fishing report. Standing in the surf is westport wa fishing report Lost some tackle, got sand all over my most expensive reel I have no idea ho By: afk. We went Tuna fishing out of Westport. It was a father son trip.

FishDawg and his dad, DownriggerAl and his 3 sons, westport wa fishing report, myself and my son Jeff. We had run through the night to reach the fish Approx. By: downriggeral. Many thanks to Fish Dawg for arranging the tuna trip. It ended up being a father son trip, westport wa fishing report. Bryan FishDawg with his 77 year old father; what a champion he is. Gives me hope as time goes on in my l By: Fishrader. Great coho and some kings. By: Stansjoy. May is a big Birthday month for my family, so I took my youngest son, Wesly, to Westport for some bottomfish fishing to celebrate his and my birthdays.

Left home a bit after AM and picked Wes up By: Armando Cortez. Finally got a chance to get to the coast to dig Razor Clams.



westport wa fishing report


Please note: Not all unblock requests will be successful as it is dependent on how your IP address is being blocked. If the unblock fails you will need to contact the . Excellent fishing. We were done by noon with a light crew of new tuna fishermen. Because of all of the fish hitting the dock, if we are not the first charter to bring in . Swifty Sportfishing out of Westport Charters in Westport, WA had a busy day on the tuna grounds fishing the day with Albacore for 10 passengers. September 4, ) Swifty Saturday Report. by SWIFTY SPORTFISHING STAFF. What a day!! Tuna for dinner! (Saturday, August 31, ) Westport Charters Fish Reports WA had a busy day on the.