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The Suzano school shooting, also known as the Suzano massacre, was a school shooting that took place on March 13, , at the Professor Raul Brasil State School in the Brazilian municipality of Suzano, São Paulo perpetrators, Guilherme Taucci Monteiro (17 years old) and Luiz Henrique de Castro (25 years old), both former students at the school, killed five students and two school Date: March 13, , c. a.m. (BRT (UTC-3)). A school shooting is an attack at an educational institution, such as a primary school, secondary school, or university, involving the use of firearms. Incidents that involve four or more deaths are also categorized as mass shootings. Feb 15,  · The teen gunman accused of opening fire with a semi-automatic rifle at his former high school in Parkland, Florida, has been charged with 17 counts of .

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A school shooting is an attack at an educational institutionsuch as a primary school, school shooting article, secondary school, school shooting article, or university, school shooting article, involving the use of firearms. Incidents that involve four or more deaths are also categorized as mass shootings. According to studies, factors behind school shooting include family dysfunction, lack of family supervision, mental illness among many other psychological issues.

School shootings have sparked a political debate over gun violencezero tolerance policies, gun rights and gun control. The United States Secret Service published the results from a study regarding 37 school shooting incidents, involving 41 individuals in the United States from December through May The results from the study indicated that perpetrators came from varying backgrounds, school shooting article, making a singular profile difficult when identifying possible assailant, school shooting article.

The majority of individuals had rarely or never gotten into trouble at school and had a healthy social life. Some experts such as Alan Lipman have school shooting article against the dearth of empirical validity of profiling methods. One assumption into the catalytic causes of school shootings comes from the "non-traditional" household perspective, which focuses on how family structure and family stability are related to child outcomes.

However, these assumptions on the detrimental effects of "non-traditional" family structures have repeatedly been shown to be false flags, with the true issues lying within socio-economic realities.

For example, school shooting article, a school shooting article conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration SAMHSA revealed that substance abuse amongst children raised by single mothers was higher than children raised by their biological parents.

However, the percentage of substance abuse amongst children raised by single-mothers was not only remarkably low 5. In the U. Teresa M, school shooting article.

Amabile states, "Those kinds of events can crush a child, they can lead to a lot of problems; they can lead to substance abuse, they can lead to various forms of emotional illness. They can also lead to incredible resilience and almost superhuman behaviors, seemingly, if people can come through those experiences intact.

George S. However, this has proven to be as difficult of a question to answer as anticipating any of the past school shootings. This has led many to question whether parents should be held criminally negligent for their children's gun-related crimes.

Bya total of four parents were convicted of failing to lock up the guns that were used to shoot up US schools by their children.

The student insists on an inordinate degree of privacy, and parents have little information about his activities, school life, friends, or other relationships. The parents seem intimidated by their child.

They may fear he will attack them physically if they confront or frustrate him, school shooting article, or they may be unwilling to face an emotional outburst, school shooting article, or they may be afraid that upsetting the child will spark an emotional crisis. Traditional family roles are reversed: for example, the child acts as if he were the authority figure, while parents act as if they were the children. The student may have a TV in his own room or is otherwise free without any limits to spend as much time as he likes watching violent or otherwise inappropriate shows.

The student spends a school shooting article deal of time watching television rather than in activities with family or friends. Similarly, parents do not monitor computer use or Internet access. The student may know much more about computers than the parents do, and the computer may be considered off limits to the parents while the student is secretive about his computer use, which may involve violent games or Internet research on violence, weapons, or other disturbing subjects.

This last passage includes the archaic notion that violent video games leads to school shootings, school shooting article. The FBI offer three cautions with their guide, 1 No trait or characteristic should be considered in isolation or given more weight than the others, 2 One bad day may not reflect school shooting article student's real personality or usual behavior, and 3 Many of these traits and behaviors are seen in adolescents with other, non-violent, issues.

Daniel Schechterschool shooting article, Clinical Psychiatrist, wrote that for a baby to develop into a troubled adolescent who then turns lethally violent, a convergence of multiple interacting factors must occur, that is "every bit as complicated No more than they could come from attentive, educated, negligent, single, married, abusive, or loving parents.

According to School shooting articleimmaturity is one of many identified factors increasing the likelihood of an individual committing criminal acts of violence and outbursts of aggression. According to the Australian-based Raising children network and Centre for Adolescent Health and a number of other sources [29] : the main change occurring in the developing brain during adolescence is the so-called pruning of unused connections in thinking and processing. While this is occurring within the brain, retained connections are strengthened.

Synaptic pruning occurs because the nervous system in humans develops by school shooting article, the over-producing of parts of the nervous system, axonsneuronsand synapsesto then later in the development of the nervous system, make the superfluous parts redundant, i. While the pre-frontal cortex is developing, children and teenagers might possibly rely more on the brain part known as the amygdala ; involving thinking that is more emotionally active, including aggression and impulsiveness.

As a consequence each individual is more likely to want to make riskier choices, and to do so more frequently. Steinberg [32] identified the fact of adolescents taking more riskstypically, than adults; Deakin et al. Dorothy Espelage of the University of Florida notes that 8 percent of bullying victims become "angry, and aggressively so. They may not hit back, but they definitely ruminate. This formula of three enables the bully to easily create public humiliation for their victim.

Students who are bullied tend to develop behavioral problems, depression, less self-control and poorer social skills, and to do worse in school.

Often, they are rejected by their peers and follow through by restoring justice in what they see as an unjust situation. Their plan for restoration many times results in violence as shown by the school shooters. Shooting massacres in English-speaking countries often occur close together in time. Neither was seeking fame, but with the new school shooting article news climate, they received it anyway.

He had hoped to kill nearly ten times as many people, but had arrived at the beauty college campus too early. However, much more work is needed with greater scope on investigations, to school shooting article whether this is a real phenomenon or not. Some attribute this to copycat behaviour, [39] [40] which can be correlated with the level of media exposure. Recent premeditative writings were presented according to court documents and showed Joshua O'Connor wrote that he wanted the "death count to be as high as possible so that the shooting would be infamous".

O'Connor was arrested before he was able to carry out his plan. In a New Republic essay, school shooting article, Columbine author Dave Cullen describes a subset of school shooters and other mass murderers known as "injustice collectors", or people who "never forget, never forgive, [and] never let go" before they strike out.

The essay describes and expands on the work of retired FBI profiler Mary Ellen O'Toole, who has published a peer-reviewed journal article on the subject. The degree to which mental illness does or does not contribute to school shootings has been debated in society.

Although the vast majority of mentally ill individuals are non-violent, [48] some evidence has suggested that mental illness or mental health symptoms are nearly universal among school shooters.

A report by the US Secret Service and US Department of Education found evidence that a majority of school shooters displayed evidence of mental health symptoms, often undiagnosed or untreated. McGinty and colleagues conducted a study to find out if people tended to associate the violence of school shootings with mental illness, at the expense of other factors such as the availability of high-capacity magazines. One group read an article that presented only the facts of the case.

School shooting article different group read an article about the same shooting, but in it the author advocated for gun restrictions for people with mental illness. Another group read about the shooting in an article that suggested the proposal to ban large-capacity magazines, which acted to advocate that shootings could stem from a societal problem rather than an individual problem.

The control group did not read anything, school shooting article. Participants were then all asked to fill out a questionnaire asking about their views on gun control and whether they thought there should be restrictions on high-capacity magazines.

Despite the fact that the article exposed the readers to both the mental illness of the shooter, school shooting article, and the fact that the shooter used high-capacity magazines, participants advocated more for gun restrictions on people with mental illness rather than bans on high-capacity magazines. This suggests that people believe mental illness is the culprit for school shootings in lieu of the accessibility of guns or other environmental factors.

The authors expressed concern that proposals to target gun control laws at people with mental illness do not take into account the complex nature of the relationship between serious school shooting article illness and violence, much of which is due to additional factors such as substance abuse.

However, the link is unclear since research has shown that violence in mentally ill people occurs more in interpersonal environments. This study also concluded that many people with mental illnesses do not engage in violence against others and that most violent behavior is due school shooting article factors other school shooting article mental illness. It has long been debated that there exists a correlation between school school shooting article perpetrators and the type of media they consume.

A popular profile for school shooters is someone who has been exposed to or enjoys playing violent video games, school shooting article. However, this profile is considered by many researchers to be misguided or erroneous. Ferguson has argued that a third variable of gender explains the illusory correlation between video game use and the type of people who conduct school shootings.

Ferguson explains that the majority of school shooters are young males, who are considerably more aggressive than the rest of the population. A majority of gamers are also young males. Thus, it appears likely that the view that school shooters are often people who play violent video games is more simply explained by the third variable of gender.

The idea of profiling school shooters by the video games they play comes from the belief that playing violent video games increases a person's aggression level, which in turn, can cause people to perpetrate extreme acts of violence, such as a school shooting.

There is little to no data school shooting article this hypothesis Ferguson, but it has become a vivid profile used by the media since the Columbine Massacre in Again, this supports the idea that although it is a popular opinion to link school shooters to being violent video gamers, this misconception is often attributable to third variables and has not been supported by research on the connection between aggression and gaming. Ultimately, school shooting article, this type of profiling is popular in media but not supported by any data Anderson, School shootings are a "modern phenomenon".

There were scattered instances of gunmen or bombers attacking schools in the years before the Frontier Middle School shooting in Moses Lake, Washington in"but they were lower profile", according to journalist Malcolm Gladwell in A study by Northeastern University found that "four times the number of children school shooting article killed in schools in the early s than today".

Education Department report, released earlier in the year, for the — school year said "nearly schools However, when NPR researched this 'claim', it could confirm only 11 actual incidents. This article is listed school shooting article chronological order and provides additional details of incidents in which a firearm was discharged at a school in Canada, including incidents of shootings on a school bus.

Mass killings in Canada are covered by a List of massacres in Canada. The following is a list of incidents of shootings that occurred in the Oceanic region. The following is a list of incidents of shootings that occurred in South American schools. School shootings are a "uniquely American crisis", according to The Washington Post in Between the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, there were 31 school shootings in the United States and 14 in the rest of the world combined.

The United States Federal government tracks school shootings, and as noted above, a U. NPR independently evaluated this claim and only confirmed 11 of the cited incidents. Between the Columbine High School massacre and the Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas, more thanstudents experienced gun violence at schools, and at least children, educators and other people were killed and another were injured. Many school shootings in the United States result in one non-fatal injury.

Most perpetrators of school shootings exhibited no signs of debilitating mental disordersuch as psychosis or schizophreniaalthough most mass killers typically have or exhibit signs of depression. At least school shooting article schools that experienced a school shooting employed a police officer or security guard; in all but a few, the shooting ended before any intercession. Security guards or resource officers were present during four of the five school shooting incidents with the highest number of dead or injured: the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado, the Stoneman Douglas High School shootingthe Marshall County High School shooting in Kentucky, and the Santana High School shooting in California.

There were 11 firearm-related events that occurred at a school or campus in the first 23 days of As of Octoberthe ten deadliest school shootings in the United States since the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado in which 13 were killed were the:.


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Feb 14,  · Death Toll Is at 17 and Could Rise in Florida School Shooting. Video. Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., hid in closets as Author: Audra D. S. Burch, Patricia Mazzei. Jan 23,  · Editor's Note: This CNN article first published on Jan. 24, , the day after the shooting happened. Sixteen people were wounded, two of them fatally, after a shooter opened fire at Marshall. US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings. Track elected officials, research health conditions, and find news you can use in politics.